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Premium anti-pollution facemask with N99 activated carbon filtration system. The ZULU facemask combines innovative technology and fashion-forward design to deliver superior protection againts air pollution for the urban commuter. Each mask includes 2 pcs of N99 activated carbon filters.

Masker anti-polusi premium yang dapat dicuci ulang dengan teknologi filter karbon aktif kaliber N99. Design masker ZULU adalah perpaduan antara fungsi dan gaya agar pegguna dapat menjaga kesehatan paru-paru dan tenggorokan sekaligus tampil trendy dan nyaman setiap saat. Setiap pembelian masker termasuk 2 pcs filter karbon aktif N99.

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4-Way Stretch

The ZULU urban facemask features a durable 4-way strech neoprene body that delivers maximum performance and comfort

Adjustable Nose Clip

Adjustable nose clip that follows the countours of the nose to ensure a good seal for maximum filtering efficiency

Exhalation Valves

The innovative exhalation valves act as ventilation systems for the mask, removing moist, heat and carbon dioxide for easy breathing

Carbon Activated Filter

Triple filter technology of highly protective material – active carbon, electrostatic cotton and meltblown microfiber – to guard you from PM 2.5, gases, dust, pollen, bacteria and other particles. NIOSH approved N99 particulate filter